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Custom Inflatables by takacat

We can customise a Takacat to suit your needs.  You may want additional D-Rings fitted, Different Fittings, a RIGID fibreglass Floor and enclosed bow, or custom branding or colours.  We have the flexibility to customise any of our Takacats to your requirements.  Allow a 12-16 weeks lead time for custom orders.

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Hypalon, TPU vs PVC: Hypalon is a rubber based material. Ideal for higher frequency of use like commercial applications and or extreme weather/ heat conditions.  It generally is heavier however you can expect 2-3 times the life of PVC.  Likewise TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) offer similar qualities to Hypalon and a high abrasion resistance with the added benefit of being able to be thermally welded offering a stronger seam bond. All of our models can be produced as an option in Hypalon TPU or PVC.  Contact us for pricing.

The options are endless so contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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Answer the call with the Takacat inflatable hunting boat. All the utility and flexibility of a Jon boat without the hassle.

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Search & Rescue

Be ready when it counts. Quick assembly, dependability, and lightweight portability allows Takacat to go where it's needed most.



With plenty of space for the dive tanks and the excellent stability the Takacat is a perfect dive boat.  Easy access on and off the boat is effortless.


Marine Research

The rugged versatility and lightweight portability of Takacat combine for a smooth comfortable ride wherever research calls.

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