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Payments & Returns information

Warranty Claims and / or Returns:

a) Any claim made against Takacat NZ Ltd in relation to any warranty claim, must be made to Takacat NZ Ltd in writing within 10 working days of the relevant defect becoming apparent, and also before the expiry of the relevant warranty period attached to the Goods. The claimant party must also provide with its notice the following details:


i. Description of nature pictures of the defect;

  1. Model number and reference;

  2. Hull I.D number (HIN);

  3. Proof of purchase.

  1. b)  In the event Takacat and the Customer or Commercial Customer are unable to reach an agreement in relation to the dispute, the parties agree that, either of them shall have the right to give to the other notice that the matter is to be referred to mediation in Auckland by a mediator who is a member of the LEADR in Auckland.

  2. c)  Without limiting the operation of subclause 6(a), insofar as Takacat may be found liable to the Customer or Commercial Customer or any other person in connection with any Goods sold, for any loss, damage or injury arising directly or indirectly from any cause, the liability of the Takacat for all claims made shall, in all cases, be limited to the purchase price for which the relevant Goods were purchased by the Customer or Commercial Customer.

  3. d)  Where a Customer or Commercial Customer makes a valid claim against Takacat within the terms and requirements set out in this schedule of warranties, Takacat or its authorised representative will rectify the defect within a reasonable time of the delivery of the Goods to Takacat or its authorised representative.


Any returns for refunds, either in full or part, are at the sole discretion of Takacat NZ Ltd.




Payment Policy

We accept the following methods of payment:


  • Bank wire transfers (Contact us for Bank Details)

  • Stripe credit card payments (3% surcharge applies)

  • CASH



Please supply your name and invoice number at time of transfer so we can track your payment with no issues.


On receiving your order or acceptance of our quote, we will e-mail you a detailed invoice for you to check and confirm the details. If available ex-stock full payment will be required prior to dispatch. 


If made to order we then require a 50% deposit to start the production of your custom built hand made Takacat. The remaining 50% is payable prior to shipping.


Any questions or queries please email

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