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Takacat Inflatable Boat

Uses & Activities

No matter what passion inspires you to head out on the water, Takacat has you covered. The most versatile and portable inflatable boat on the market is always ready to meet any adventure head-on—whether it’s exploring magical underwater worlds, reveling in the quiet serenity of a secret fishing honey hole, buzzing around a new waterway enjoying the sites and scenery, or serving a greater cause as a research or search and rescue team. Find your perfect boat when you explore the activities below.

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RV & Motorhomes

Portability and versatility are top of mind for the RV lifestyle. Takacat is the ultimate portable boat for life on the road.



Pack and picnic and your mates and hop on board for a day out exploring, diving, fishing or simply just relaxing.



Fishing off a Takacat is excellent as they are stable and sturdy.  With a quick set up you can be out fishing in no time.

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Search & Rescue

Be ready when it counts. Quick assembly, dependability, and lightweight portability allows Takacat to go where it's needed most.

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Event Safety

Chosen by many on water event organisations as safety and patrol boats. Easy to pack down and take up less space than trailer boats during the off season.  Ideal as safety boats for film crews.



On the tow the Takacat is very stable allowing for a smooth ride.  Once you get to your location, simply start exploring all those hidden places.

Camo Hunting in inflatable boat.jpg


Answer the call with the Takacat inflatable hunting boat. All the utility and flexibility of a Jon boat without the hassle.



With plenty of space for the dive tanks and the excellent stability the Takacat is a perfect dive boat.  Easy access on and off the boat is effortless.


Marine Research

The rugged versatility and lightweight portability of Takacat combine for a smooth comfortable ride wherever research calls.

Smokehouse Bay - Takacat with NZ Sailing Trust Steinlager 2 in Back Ground_edited_edited.j

Camping & Outdoors

Ultimate boat for those who love the great out doors.  Our Takacat's portability allow you to get to those more remote locations.

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