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Takacat T260LX

NZ $2,690

Length: 2.6m       Capacity: 3 people | 360kg

The T260LX is our baby of the LX series, It's light in weight, super stable and packed full of features for the tender market. A true inflatable catamaran tender, ideal for Yachts, Launches and larger trailer boats as a tender to get passengers to and from shore.  An ideal boat for stowing away in your motorhome or caravan.
Ideal for 1 to 2 people for fishing and 3 to 4 as a tender.

The original open bow inflatable catamaran combines practicality and safety in one. This unique design came from a passion of snorkeling, diving & fishing and has revolutionized the inflatable boat market. Easy entry / re entry from the water for all watersports, safety and rescue situations and or for walk on / off at the beach, dock or as a tender.


Unbelievable Stability due to a suction cup effect only made possible with Takacats unique open transom design and additional bonus of large diameter tubes.  Exceptional Performance with its innovative sleek catamaran hull design that enhances additional lift from water and air flow through the tunnel.  Pack down sizes like no other...fully removable transom. Massive weight advantage when packed into two bags. Ability to hold no water also a big safety feature. Easy maintenance. Simplicity at it's best


The Takacat advantage

Takacat-inflatable boat-features.jpg

1  Open Bow Design

Open bow design allows easy access when boarding or exiting inflatable.  Step on and off easily with super stability due to the high pressure air deck.

3  Open Transom

Open Transom design allows for easy draining of any water inside allowing your inflatable to stay dry.

5 Valves

Halkey-Roberts fill valves for fast, reliable inflation and deflation. These valves prevent over pressureisation when left in the sun.

2  Non Skid Air Deck Floor

 The airdeck is Ultra UV stabilised meaning it will withstand the sun and not get chalky over time.

4  Safety Grab Handles

Handles along the tubes provide safety allowing you to be able to sit anywhere.

6 Oars

Oars are provided which also allow for non motorised use.  The catamaran design makes for easy and effortless rowing.


Our stock colour is light grey as shown, however you can "Customise" your own Takacat with a choice of PVC or TPU Fabrics, & colour options.


Looking for a Engine and Takacat package? drop us an email:

We will email you back a quote.



Sleek innovative design, the T260LX is a portable wonder. Our open bow design makes for easy embarking and disembarking when beaching and great when swimming or diving, with our tube design and huge buoyancy makes for an ultra-safe portable tender. With deflectors running the length of each tube the LX series makes for a dry boating experience.  The open transom keeps the boat from holding water on board, making it ideal for towing. An ultra-stable catamaran design is the perfect platform for water activities and transport.



On the tow the Takacat is very stable allowing for a smooth ride.  Once you get to your location, simply start exploring all those hidden places.


FAMIly Boat

Pack and picnic and your mates and hop on board for a day out exploring, diving, fishing or simply just relaxing.



Fishing off a Takacat is excellent as they are stable and sturdy.  With a quick set up you can be out fishing in no time.



With plenty of space for the dive tanks and the excellent stability the Takacat is a perfect dive boat.  Easy access on and off the boat is effortless.

Does the Takacat T260LX fit your water lifestyle?

The T260LX is a popular tender for larger vessels, on its own for bay exploring or a spontaneous fishing/diving trip, and so much more. We’re confident there’s a Takacat for whatever inspires you. If you don’t see it here let us help you find the perfect boat. Explore the Takacat LX Series by boat model or get in touch with us for professional advice.


"We have been using the Takacat [T260LX] at Lake Pupuke, MadLoop WindSurf School for about a year now. We have been open for 25 years and used all types of inflatable dinghy. The Takacat is the best inflatable dinghy I have ever used by far.

So stable, so light, so practical.

This boat is a complete winner in every way. I fully recommend anyone and every one to buy a Takacat."


Alan McIntosh. Owner, Manager MadLoop WindSurf School, Auckland New Zealand

What Professionals say

Takacat T260LX Technical Specification Comparison

Specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions and weight measurements indicated have a tolerance of plus/minus 2% and 8% respectively. Built to International Standard ISO/6185

Every Takacat comes with:
✓ 1 Set of Tubes
✓ 1 Tube Transom® Assembly
✓ 1 Inflatable Seat
✓ 1 Manual Pump & Gauge

✓ 1 Repair Kit (no glue)
✓ 2 Oars
✓ 2 Carry Bags
✓ Air Floor

T460LX in the bag.JPG