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Takacat Inflatable Boat

Testimonials & Reviews

We have received lots of great feedback over the years. See some highlights below

Dramatic footage of free diver
and killer whales in the Arctic 

"I am currently in Northern Norway on an 3 week assignment to document the overwintering Orcas. For the past couple of days I have the chance to test the Takacat dinghy. In short I am very impressed. Easy access to water, great stability, low drag when towing and great ability to hydroplane with heavy loads to mention a few. "


"The Takacat dinghy has performed exceptionally well, and I look forward to using it again this upcoming season.

One of many good things about it, is the low drag, so we loose virtually no speed towing it (as opposed to a standard dinghy). "


Andreas B. Heide, sailor and explorer of profession

World Rowing Championships 2011

"Your Boats are great and everybody was more than happy while using them. On Sunday there was a National Championship in Rowing and again they were used to full extend. Just smiling faces. Congratulations for a very, very good product and I do hope you will have more and more customers with smiling faces. I am sure that with your charming and friendly approach your business will grow rapidly". 


Janez Bencina, President of the organising committee 2011 World Rowing Championships

"There’s none I’d recommend more"

"If you’re after the perfect adventure package for family or friends, combine the Mahindra S6 4x4 Ute, a GLI dual fold off-road camper trailer and a 3.4m TAKACAT armed with 15hp Parsun, and it’ll get you into many places that other set-ups couldn’t. 


After testing them out on a few family adventures myself, there’s none I’d recommend more."


- The Fishing Paper, March 2023

hunting and campign 2023.jpg

Boating NZ Magazine 2017

"The Takacat certainly offers a practical, fun tender option — a ‘boat in a bag’ which you can take anywhere and get out onto the water in double-quick time."

"The cat that lies neatly folded in the bag is truly remarkable. It is a small boat that is already revolutionising the international inflatable yacht tender market with its innovative design and attention to detail."

New Zealand Sailing Trust

"The New Zealand Sailing Trust has been using Takacat inflatable boats as our tenders and rescue dinghies for around 6 years now and are essential to our busy Youth Development operation.

Our maxi yachts, Steinlager 2 and Lion New Zealand, have a punishing schedule at times and are probably two of the busiest commercial yachts in New Zealand. We operate all year round, and in all conditions and push these Takacats pretty hard!

Light and stable, we find them perfect for quick deployment and retrieval and for transporting countless teenagers to and from the shore. Depending on conditions, we easily load the 4.2m model with up to 8 passengers for safe delivery to beaches and wharves all around the Hauraki Gulf - load, after load, after load! Almost 2000 students and no shortage of adults get multiple Takacat rides from us every year.

We use a reliable 15hp Yamaha and find it a perfect match for this size boat. With the bridles we made, the boat and outboard are easily winched aboard and stowed on deck. We mostly leave them set up, but they're easily packed away and stowed below when we clear the decks for coastal racing.

Takacat inflatable boats suit us, and our many uses really well, we recommend them!"

Andre Strez, Head Skipper & Programme Manager, NZ Sailing Trust

GO-Series-stability-Inflatable -boat.jpg

Our new GO Series tender...

"Our first beach landing in 3.5 years of owning a launch
Our previous tender didn’t feel safe!
As soon as we tried the Takacat we felt totally safe and stable.
It’s opened up a whole new world for us
Many Thanks for your help and advice"

Cheers Grant & Jude - March 2022

Worth its weight in gold

"The Takacat LX340 is worth its weight in gold to us..lightweight, durable, great pay-load capacity yet packs down to nothing. Perfect for accessing uncharted territory"

JFB Enviro - September 2022

Inflatable boat 340LX JFB Enviro review.jpg

Is it the best dinghy for a cruiser? We think it is

"We bought a Takacat 260 LX and we are going to test it and give a review of this catamaran dinghy. Is it the best dinghy for a cruiser? We think it is. The Takacat is a dinghy from new zealand and has an open bow. This makes it weird, but very handy. We will show you all the positive sides and the negative ones. While sailing in the most epic scenery of Moorea!"

Bart, Kim and Liz | SV Tranquillity - September 2023

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