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Introductory Offer From NZ $7,995


Fast! Stable! Efficient! Built tough!

The new Takacat LX-R series, a premium inflatable boat with rigid hull design, will take your boating experience to new levels.  The LX-R is built tough with performance in mind.  Offering a smooth and stable ride with plenty of internal working deck space. Construction features a durable plate 3mm alloy deck, finished with a durable and easy to clean composite decking material. Tubes are manufactured in 1.2mm TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) for added performance and durability.

With a beam of 1.65m [340LX-R] and 2m [460LX-R] and oversized tubes you have huge buoyancy and load carrying capacity along with Takacat renown stability. Engines of up to 55kg can be fitted on the 340LX-R and a whopping 100kg on the 460LX-R.

The ideal Tender for commercial or leisure use. Perfect for fishing, diving or Family missions!

At speed turns are tight even in good swells.  

We have a couple of demonstrator boats available so book a demo with us today.

A variety of engine and trailer options are available on request.

Contact us for a Special Introductory offer on this new series...

Engine and trailer packages available POA

Delivery Cost for this item: POA

Looking for a Engine and Takacat package? drop us an email:

We will email you back a quote.

Specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions and weight measurements indicated have a tolerance of plus/minus 2% and 8% respectively. Built to International Standard ISO/6185

All Models come with:

✓ 1.2mm TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Tubes

✓ Welded Seams

✓ Non-Skid Soft Composite, EVA Foam decking

✓ Full length Rubber Keel strip to each tube

✓ Alloy Transom
✓ Pressure Relief Valves
✓ 3mm alloy deck
✓ Rubbing Strips
✓ Lifting eye for lifting strops

✓ Tow eye

✓ Fitted rod holders 

✓ Inflatable Seat

✓ Double Action Hand Pump
✓ Oars

Smooth Performance - Stable Ride



Takacat's large diameter tubes plus catamaran hull design provide exceptional stability. When you are out on the water, if boarding from the mother ship or enjoying a spot of fishing, you will really appreciate the stability of your Takacat.

T460LX-R FR_edited.png


Design evolution, modern construction techniques and the latest fabric technology all built to ISO and CE standards ensures that your Takacat is finished to a high quality standard. 



A light weight, low resistance catamaran hull design provides quick and level planning, exceptional stability and fuel economy. Boasting a shallow draft with loads of buoyancy also allows for extremely shallow water navigation plus the ability to get further up the beach or ramp

T460LX-R Portait.jpg


The LX-R series is built with a 3mm alloy deck and the inflatbale tubes are built with 1.2mm TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). Welded seams ensure a strong seam bond.  TPU fabric offers high abrasion & tear resistances, high UV resistance and low and high temperature flexibility.

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