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From NZ $9,995


Fast! Stable! Efficient! Built tough!

The new Takacat LX-R series, a premium inflatable boat with rigid hull design, will take your boating experience to new levels.  The LX-R is built tough with performance in mind.  Offering a smooth and stable ride with plenty of internal working deck space. Construction features a durable plate 3mm alloy deck, finished with a durable and easy to clean composite decking material. Tubes are manufactured in 1.2mm TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) for added performance and durability.

With a beam of 1.65m [340LX-R] and 2m [460LX-R] and oversized tubes you have huge buoyancy and load carrying capacity along with Takacat renown stability. Engines of up to 55kg can be fitted on the 340LX-R and a whopping 100kg on the 460LX-R.

The ideal Tender for commercial or leisure use. Perfect for fishing, diving or Family missions!

At speed turns are tight even in good swells.  

We have a couple of demonstrator boats available so book a demo with us today.

A variety of engine and trailer options are available on request.

Engine and trailer packages available POA

Delivery Cost for this item: POA

Looking for a Engine and Takacat package? drop us an email:

We will email you back a quote.

Specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions and weight measurements indicated have a tolerance of plus/minus 2% and 8% respectively. Built to International Standard ISO/6185

All Models come with:

✓ 1.2mm TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Tubes

✓ Welded Seams

✓ Non-Skid Soft Composite, EVA Foam decking

✓ Full length Rubber Keel strip to each tube

✓ Alloy Transom
✓ Pressure Relief Valves
✓ 3mm alloy deck
✓ Rubbing Strips
✓ Lifting eye for lifting strops

✓ Tow eye

✓ Fitted rod holders 

✓ Inflatable Seat

✓ Double Action Hand Pump
✓ Oars

Smooth Performance - Stable Ride



Takacat's large diameter tubes plus catamaran hull design provide exceptional stability. When you are out on the water, if boarding from the mother ship or enjoying a spot of fishing, you will really appreciate the stability of your Takacat.

T460LX-R FR_edited.png


Takacat's revolutionary new open and completely removable Tube Transom (R) allows for the inflatable tubes to be deflated easier and more compact compared to other inflatable boats. There is a significant size and weight advantage with no fixed transom. Great when it comes to handling, transportation and/or storage.



A light weight, low resistance catamaran hull design provides quick and level planning, exceptional stability and fuel economy. Boasting a shallow draft with loads of buoyancy also allows for extremely shallow water navigation plus the ability to get further up the beach or ramp



Takacat stands for Quality and develop their boats with premium materials and state of the art manufacturing. Takacat recently moved to more environmentally friendly wrapping of the product.

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