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Takacat Inflatables are the chosen safety boats at the Manu World Championships

Takacat Inflatable is the chosen safety boat at the Manu World Championships

Takacat, renowned for its innovation and reliability, proudly stands as the chosen provider for the Event Safety Boats at the World MANU championship – Where Legends Take Flight. 4 competitions, set amidst the picturesque landscapes of Wellington, Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch in New Zealand, contestants battle for the Manu world champ title. Having selected Takacat inflatables as their safety vessel during the competition, comes as no surprise given Takacat’s reputation for excellence in design and functionality. The Takacat T340S and Takacat T380LX, prominently known for their exceptional portability, stability, and durability, are a great choice for any major water-based event.


The Takacat T380LX effortlessly navigates the waters, poised to ensure the safety and security of participants and spectators alike. With the open bow making it easy for retrieval of participants when required. Its seamless integration with the E-Propulsion Spirit 1.0 electric outboard further underscores its commitment to environmentally conscious practices while delivering top-notch performance.


As the World MANU champs unfold, the partnership between Takacat and the World MANU champs signifies a harmonious blend of innovation, functionality, and unwavering dedication to ensuring a seamless and secure event experience. As Takacat’s presence graces the waters of Wellington and Auckland, it symbolises not just a commitment to safety but also a celebration of New Zealand’s maritime heritage and ingenuity.



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