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Takacat - The ideal inshore fishing platform

Our Takacat Catamarans have become increasingly popular amongst inshore saltwater and fresh water fisherman. The unique design of the Takacat LX and Sport series offers a super stable and safe fishing platform plus the portability and compact pack down size they offer. The catamaran design offers a shallow draft that allows fisherman to get into shallower waters to chase those fish hiding in the mangroves or in the kelp beds, or trout sitting along the lake or river edges. The stability offer allows the angler to stand and cast and move around in the boat with out fear of falling in. Our Takacats have become a popular transition for anglers moving out of Kayaks who are looking for something a little bigger and more stable that doesn’t take up a lot of room when stowing away. We often get asked about the risks of hooking the tubes fishing out of a Takacat. The reality is the vast majority of our customers fish out of their Takacat. There are just a few key things you need to remember when fishing out of an inflatable boat.

  • Hooks: These are not really an issue we don’t tend to see many woopsies with hooks they tend to glance of the side opposed to getting hooked in the tubes or floor.

  • Fish Spines: When catching fish with sharp spines always use a landing net and land the catch into you fish bin or chilly bin. If you let the catch flap around in your Takacat, fish with sharp spines can cause small annoying slow leaks in your tubes or floor

  • Knives: When cutting bait always cut on a board and have a sheath or holder for you bait knife

  • Cray Pots: If your launching or retrieving cray pots from your Takacat a bit of Garage carpet can be good to lay on the deck or over the side of the tube to provide some additional protection from the cage and crays.

We have a range of accessories to help you kit out your Takacat get set up with an awesome cost effective fishing machine. Rod Holders, Rocket Launchers, Beach Wheels, Bait Boards and Chilly Bins to name a few!


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