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Takacat T460LX

NZ $4,690

Length: 4.6m       Capacity: 8 people | 830kg

This is the largest in the Takacat range and still truly portable. Perhaps one of the largest truly portable inflatable catamarans on the market!  Ideal to throw in the back of the ute and head off on your mission. The T460LX boasts oversized 0.55m diameter tubes and the original Takacat removable Tube Transom ®. The packed up tube size in the bag is 1.65m x 0.4 m x 0.4m x 38kg & the accessory bag, incl floor + transom etc, is 1.0m x 0.4 x 0.3m. With it's 4 + 1 safety chambers, raised floor and open / removable transom design the 460LX is well suited to a wide variety of uses such as a tender, diving, fishing, flood rescue, coach and support boats through to the true adventurer.

Our stock colour is light grey as shown, however you can "Customise" your own Takacat with a choice of PVC or Hypalon Fabrics, & colour options.

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The Takacat advantage

Takacat-inflatable boat-features.jpg

1  Open Bow Design

Open bow design allows easy access when boarding or exiting inflatable.  Step on and off easily with super stability due to the high pressure air deck.

3  Open Transom

Open Transom design allows for easy draining of any water inside allowing your inflatable to stay dry.

5 Valves

Halkey-Roberts fill valves for fast, reliable inflation and deflation. These valves prevent over pressureisation when left in the sun.

2  Non Skid Air Deck Floor

 The airdeck is Ultra UV stabilised meaning it will withstand the sun and not get chalky over time.

4  Safety Grab Handles

Handles along the tubes provide safety allowing you to be able to sit anywhere.

6 Oars

Oars are provided which also allow for non motorised use.  The catamaran design makes for easy and effortless rowing.



Cut your way through the surf, take your mates diving, explore the islands, transport friends and family to shore.  The sparkling waters are all accessible without having to Tow a boat.  Unload it from your Ute, Station Wagon or Motorhome and within 15 minutes you will out on the water! An ultra-stable catamaran design is the perfect platform for water activities and transport. Kiwi Innovation at its best.

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FAMIly Boat

Pack and picnic and your mates and hop on board for a day out exploring, diving, fishing or simply just relaxing.

Campervan on Coast


Portability and versatility are top of mind for the RV lifestyle. Takacat is the ultimate portable boat for life on the road.

Rescue inflatable boat_340LX.JPG

Search & Rescue

Be ready when it counts. Quick assembly, dependability, and lightweight portability allows Takacat to go where it's needed most.

Camo Hunting in inflatable boat.jpg


Answer the call with the Takacat inflatable hunting boat. All the utility and flexibility of a Jon boat without the hassle.



Fishing off a Takacat is excellent as they are stable and sturdy.  With a quick set up you can be out fishing in no time.


Marine research

The rugged versatility and lightweight portability of Takacat combine for a smooth comfortable ride wherever research calls.

Bonus Inflatable Paddle Board

Having to make a choice between a Tender and a SUP (Stand up Paddle board) is common when storage space is limited. Takacat have come up with a innovative solution: Why not have a convertible boat? The removable floor of the LX Series 340LX - 460LX come with a fin pocket and a separate fin in the standard accessories. Watch the floor of the boat turn into a SUP.  Genius!

inflatable boat to sup fin.jpg

Does the Takacat T460LX fit your water lifestyle?

The T460LX is an ideal boat tender for larger vessels, on its own for day cruising or a spontaneous fishing trip, and so much more. We’re confident there’s a Takacat for whatever inspires you. If you don’t see it here, explore more activities to find the perfect boat for your next day on the water.

Let us help you find the perfect boat. Explore the Takacat LX Series by boat model or get in touch with us for professional advice.


"We here at the NZ sailing trust have been using Takacat tenders for both our yachts, Lion New Zealand and Steinlager 2 for the past 2 and a half years. In this time we have had over 3000 students on board each of our tenders and they are dealing with huge usage very well. We love the fact that the Tackacats are forgiving on the yachts topsides and deck paint, they are fantastically light for their size and very economical to run. Durability has not been a problem and the service delivered from the team at Tackacat has been second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending the purchase of a Tackacat product for use as a tender to a larger vessel or for beach and harbour usage. Cheers Greg"


Alistair Moore, Head Skipper & Programme Manager, NZ Sailing Trust

What Professionals say

Takacat T460LX Technical Specification Comparison

Specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions and weight measurements indicated have a tolerance of plus/minus 2% and 8% respectively. Built to International Standard ISO/6185

Every Takacat comes with:
✓ 1 Set of Tubes
✓ 1 Tube Transom® Assembly
✓ 1 Inflatable Seat
✓ 1 Manual Pump & Gauge

✓ 1 Repair Kit (no glue)
✓ 2 Oars
✓ 2 Carry Bags
✓ Air Floor

T460LX in the bag.JPG