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Inlatable boat by Takacat at a race


An innovative range of quality catamaran inflatable boats designed and developed in New Zealand by Greg Sowden. Whether you love fishing, exploring or simply looking for a quality portable tender for your yacht or motorhome. Takacat’s foldable sports boats or lightweight dinghies are a tough, stable and fun option on any water. Built to ISO/6185 and CE 2013/53/EU Standards. Top features of the Takacat boats are stability, versatility and being lightweight. The inflatable tenders can be rolled up into a carry bag with Takacat's innovative fully removable tube transom® system for easy transportation and storage. Check out the full range and feel free to contact us to help you pick the best boat for your recreational style!

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  • Tube construction: Quality, Tough 5 Layer, 0.9mm, 1000 denier -1100g/m2 custom made PVC, strong UV protection. 

  • Anti-UV grade tested to 4-5 out of 5. International Standards ISO 4892-3:2006

  • Air deck floor made from reinforced drop stich to provide a high- tensile rigid core. Custom made 1mm thick protective anti-skid topside with additional anti-UV additive, high-pressure laminated heat pressed to top layer for the best durability and rigidity. Second-layer side rail re-enforcing tape making 1.8mm walls and additional air tightness.

  • Easy re-tubing: Unlike conventional ribs or inflatable boats Takacats can be re-tubed simply and cost effectively due to our revolutionary Tube Transom® and our fully removable high-pressure air deck floor system. The tubes are not glued to a hull or transom so there is no hassle or costly process to have your aged of damaged tubes replaced - simply order direct from or from your local dealer.

  • Most inflatable boats require the transom, floor, air decks / drop stich, fittings and fixtures to be glued onto the tubes. So when it comes to the seams we have chosen to use a Thermally Bonded Seam for the GO Series and a Glued Seam  (our tried and tested gluing system) for the LX and Sport Series, that we also use through out the rest of the boat. 

  • Stainless steel (304) Tube Transom®. 32mm cross beams, 0.25mm side tubes

  • Transom mounting boards made from 18mm marine ply painted

  • Transom eye bolt (316) 10mm thread

31-245A2238-By Hugo Pettit -

300LX by Hugo Pettit /

"The Takacat dinghy has performed exceptionally well, and I look forward to using it again this upcoming season.

One of many good things about it, is the low drag, so we loose virtually no speed towing it (as opposed to a standard dinghy). "

Andreas B. Heide, sailor and explorer of profession


"The cat that lies neatly folded in the bag is truly remarkable. It is a small boat that is already revolutionising the international inflatable yacht tender market with its innovative design and attention to detail."

Boating NZ Magazine 2017

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